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Nairobi County - Resources

List of Nairobi County resources as displayed in DevolutionHub

  • World Bank- funded Projects in counties (Kenya)
    Papers and Articles   |   World Bank   |   English
    This booklet has been produced by the World Bank
  • Nairobi City Roads Decongestion Plan
    Policies and Guidelines County Legislation   |   County Government   |   English  |   2015
    Decongestion of Nairobi City Report of executive Taskforce on Nairobi Decongestion Nairobi 31st March, 2015
  • Nairobi County Integrated Development Plan 2018/2022
      |    |   English  |   2018
    County Integrated Development Plan for Nairobi County 2018/2022
  • Devolution in Kenya: Opportunities and Challenges for the Water Sector
    Papers and Articles   |   World Bank   |   English
    Devolution under Kenyas new 2010 Constitution has wide-ranging implications for the water sector
  • A Background Brief on Kenyas Devolution
    Consitution of Kenya Papers and Articles Policies and Guidelines   |   World Bank   |   English
    Kenyas first county assemblies, governors and senators were elected on March 4 2013
  • Domestic Resource Mobilisation Baseline Report
      |    |   English  |   2017
    This baseline report states that Kenyans felt that most of their taxes did not go into delivery of quality services and that the existing tax system is not fair to everyone
  • Chart of County Information
    Policies and Guidelines   |   World Bank   |   English  |   2016
    This annex chart contains: Name of County, Website Address and Status, Name of Department/Ministry responsible for Public Participation, Access to Information and Public Communication, & Civic Education, What Bills, Laws, Policies or Strategies are established (or being developed) on Access to Information & Public Communication, Public Participation and Civic Education , Key documents available online such as 2013/2014 Budget, 2014/2015 Budget, CIDP, CFSP, Budget Circular , Ranking of Documents available online (Out of the 12[1]), Establishment of the County Budget and Economic Forum, membership , Online Platform for discussions/blog Tender information , Available online Link for Tender Documents and FOCUS
  • Report of the Auditor-General on the Financial Operations of Nairobi County
    Report Budget & Fiscal Plans   |   Kenya National Audit Office   |   English  |   2013
    This report contains findings and other relevant details of the transition to devolved government audit conducted by the Office of the Auditor General on the transactions and the handing over of assets and liabilities just before, during and after the creation of the Nairobi City County (NCC) Government
  • The Nairobi City County Wards Development Fund Act 2014
    County Legislation   |   County Government   |   English  |   2014
    An Act of the City County Assembly to provide for the establishement administartion and the use of the ward development fund and for connected purposes.
  • The City County Supplementary Appropriation Act 2014
    County Legislation   |   County Government   |   English  |   2014
    An Act of the City County Assembly to authorize the issue of a sum of money out of the county Exchequer account and its application towards the service on the year ending on 30th June 2014 and to appropriate that sum and a sum value on the account by the Nairobi City county assembly for certain public services and purposes.
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