Wajir County - Resources

List of Wajir County resources as displayed in DevolutionHub

  • State of Sanitation in Wajir County
    Report   |   Water and Sanitation Program (WSP)   |   English  |   2014
    This county sanitation profile has been compiled as part of a series of  information sheets to provide an overview of the state of sanitation in each of the 47 counties in Kenya
  • Domestic Resource Mobilisation Baseline Report
      |    |   English  |   2017
    This baseline report states that Kenyans felt that most of their taxes did not go into delivery of quality services and that the existing tax system is not fair to everyone
  • Wajir County Intergrated Development Plan 2013
    Budget & Fiscal Plans   |    |   English  |   2014
    This chapter gives the background information on the socio-economic and infrastructural information that has a bearing on the development of the county
  • Report of the Auditor-General on the Financial Operations of Wajir County
    Report Budget & Fiscal Plans   |   Kenya National Audit Office   |   English  |   2013
    SPECIAL AUDIT REPORT ON THE OPERATIONS OF WAJIR COUNTY GOVERNMENT AND ASSEMBLY AND DEFUNCT COUNTY COUNCIL OF WAJIR FOR THE PERIOD 1 JANUARY TO 30 JUNE 2013 The Auditor-General has the mandate under Article 229 of the Constitution to audit and report on the accounts of the National and County Governments
  • Wajir County Government Budget for 2013-2014
    Budget & Fiscal Plans   |   County Government   |   English
    Wajir County Government Budget for 2013-2014