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Baringo County - Resources

List of Baringo County resources as displayed in DevolutionHub

  • Baringo County Annual Development Plan 2015/16
    Policies and Guidelines County Legislation   |   County Government   |   English  |   2014
    Baringo County  Annual Development Plan for 2015 - 2016
  • Baringo County Budget 2014-2015
    Budget & Fiscal Plans   |   County Government   |   English  |   2014
    Baringo County budget for financial year 2014-2015
  • The Baringo County Polythene Materials Control and Management Act, 2014
    County Legislation   |   County Government   |   English  |   2014
    AN ACT to provide for the control, management and regulation of the manufacture, importation, sale, use and disposal of plastic and polythene materials and products in Baringo County and for maffers related and incidental thereto
  • Report of The Auditor General on the Financial Operations of the County Government of Baringo 2013
    County Legislation Budget & Fiscal Plans   |   Kenya National Audit Office   |   English  |   2013
    The audit covered the Baringo County Executive, County Assembly, the defunct County Council of Baringo, Municipal Council of Kabarnet, County Council of Koibatek and Town Council of Eldama Ravine transactions for the period 1 January to 30 June, 2013 and took into account transactions before, during and after the transition period
  • State of Sanitation in Baringo County
    Report   |   Water and Sanitation Program (WSP)   |   English  |   2014
    This county sanitation profile has been compiled as part of a series of  information sheets to provide an overview of the state of sanitation in each of the 47 counties in Kenya
  • The Baringo County Symbols Act,2014
    County Legislation   |   County Government   |   English  |   2014
    AN ACT of Baringo County Assembly to prescribe the County Symbols, the County Flag, County Coat of Arms and County Public Seal and for connected purposes
  • The Baringo County Wards Development Fund Act, 2Ol4
    County Legislation   |   County Government   |   English  |   2014
    AN ACT of Baringo County Assembly to provide for the establishment of a Fund for promoting development in the Wards and to set up institutional framework for coordinating development initiatives and projects in the Wards, and for connected purposes
  • Baringo County Property Rates Bill, 2014
    Policies and Guidelines   |   County Government   |   English  |   2014
    THE BARINGO COUNTY PROPERTY RATES BILL 2014 A Bill of the County Assembly of Baringo is to provide for the imposition of rates on land and buildings in Baringo County, and for connected purposes Enacted by the Baringo County Assembly 
  • Proposed Design and Renovation of Mogotio Information Center
    Policies and Guidelines Policy Brief   |   County Government   |   English  |   2014
    Supplied as part of the Contract for PROPOSED REDESIGNING AND RENOVATIONS AT MOGOTIO INFORMATION CENTRE Issued by: - County Works Office, Public Works-Baringo, P O Box 24, KABARNET.
  • Baringo County Fiscal Strategy Paper
    Budget & Fiscal Plans   |   County Government   |   English  |   2014
    This is the first CountyFiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) to be tabled in the County Assembly in accordance with the requirements of Public Financial Management Act, 2012, section 117
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