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P.O. Box 120-60200 Meru, Kenya

About Meru County

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General Information

Meru County is centrally located in the country
It`s the leading county in Horticulture production
There are a number of National Parks and conservancies that attracts tourists to the region. It`s a tourism hotspot with Meru National park hosting unique wildlife attraction among them the Grevy Zebras, Somali Ostrich, Reticulated Giraffe, giraffe Gazelle and the Onyx. The renowned Lewa Conservancy is also at the heart of the county. The county also offers the Mt Kenya climbing tourism circuit
Agriculture is the major economic activity in this county due to the rich volcanic soils in the high altitude areas. Coffee, tea, French-beans and dairy products as primary produce. Wholesale and retail trade also play important role in the county`s economy.
It`s the Leading County that produces Miraa (Khat) for export and hence boosting the economic national grid.


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